Louis Lamarque.

Louis Lamarque was a french painter born in 1912, in  Aiguillon, Lot et Garonne. He was destined to teach and lead a parallel career as a teacher and as a painter. He died in 1991 in Agen. Louis Lamarque is buried in Aiguillon where the municipal animation center now bears his name.  His work was exhibited in ' A century of painting ' , Musée Raoul-Dastrac, Aiguillon, 2004  and a Tribute to the painters of Avignon: Fernand Sabatté , Raoul Dastrac , Louis Lamarque , Raoul-Dastrac Museum, Aiguillon, 2007. One of his paintings hangs on the staircase of the Aiguillon Town Hall and a lithograph in the Raoul-Dastrac Museum in Aiguillon.


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