Julia Maleeva

Julia was born in Bulgaria in 1974. She studied for and achieved a BA in Fine Arts and an MA in Architecture at University in Sofia. Then followed a time in the USA where she completed post graduate specialisation in Architectural Heritage based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Whilst working in the US she was inspired by the works of Willem De Kooning, Robert Motherwell and Sammy Peters.

The last 15 years have seen Julia living and working in Bristol where she paints in her studio in Clifton. Her creative senses are influenced by regular travels across Europe soaking up the light, colours, textures and the architecture of a place, often focusing on older characterful buildings and structures. The oeuvres that evolve from the information absorbed on such trips are stunning, both in colour and form, quite different from any artists work you may have seen at this gallery and possibly elsewhere. Julia works in oils and cold wax, a lovely combining of media that delivers both enduring colour, a wonderfully warm mood and tangible texture in the same instant.

Her skills have seen her win the People’s Choice Award in the Summer Exhibition, Clifton 2021. A finalist in the Broadway Art Festival and a participator in the Sky Arts Artist of the Year 2021. More recently she sold out at the AAF New York and was successful at the AAF Hampstead. Julia is an associate member of the Penwith Society of Arts Cornwall and if she has time is also a qualified Aviation pilot! Her work features in private collections in the UK, USA, Europe and the Far East.

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