Minnie Pwerle

Minnie was born at MacDonnell Downs Station, Utopia and it was not until 1999 at around 80 years of age that she began painting.  Minnie paints her dreaming which include ‘Awelye Atnwegerrp’ (Women’s Dreaming), Bush Melon and Bush Melon Seed.  The Bush Melon is specific to the Atnwengerrp area and Minnie’s Dreamings tell the story of the food that sustained her people over a long period.

First solo exhibitions in Sydney and Melbourne in 2000. Subsequent exhibitions in California, New Mexico, New York, Nashville, Portland, Auckland, Copenhagen, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane

Her works are held in many collections.

Her works fall within the top 20 Australian indigenous artists. Ref: ‘Cooee Art Marketplace’ https://www.cooeeart.com.au/marketplace/artists/profile/PwerleMinni/

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