Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri

Warlimpirrnga was born east of Kiwirrkura in the late 1950’s and with his family (including brothers Walala and Thomas) made history in 1984 when they arrived in Kiwirrkurra and had contact with Europeans for the first time.  

Warlimpirrnga paints the Tingari Cycle, which is a series of sacred and secret songlines.   This Tingari is associated with his Dreaming sites at Marua, Mintarnpi, Minna Minna, Naami,  Garnabilyyi,Lake Mackay and Yarrawangu, which are all in the Gibson Desert of WA. It is this sacred landscape & its significant sights that Warlimpirrnga so strikingly depicts in his paintings.

Warlimpirrnga and his family lived the traditional & nomadic life of a hunter gatherer society.  Their intimate knowledge of the land, its plant life, animals and waterholes allowed them to survive, as their ancestors had for 1,000’s of years. 

Warlimpirrnga falls within the top 50 Australian Indigenous artists.




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